Fishing Boat SunsetVessel profitability is dependent on the constant flow of uninterrupted information. Frequent updates on position, weather and security are essential while business continuity demands new solutions to significantly increase data speed and capability.

Since 1979 and the founding of the International Maritime Satellite Organization (Inmarsat), Mackay Communications has been at the forefront of providing custom communications solutions to the maritime industry. By evolving with the technology from the beginning, Mackay has been given the opportunity to tailor communications solutions to a broad marine based clientele.

Commercial high-seas shipping and fishing vessels, research & workboats, passenger ships, naval, Coast Guard, yachts and pleasure craft, all trust Mackay to guarantee their vessels stay connected and competitive in today’s market.

Mackay Communications, with twenty-two global offices, a worldwide network of vetted service partners and 24×7 support, factory trained technicians and an internal communications support team, ensure a successful solution for all your communications needs.

From system selection and installation through efficient implementation, network integration, maintenance, support at sea and the satisfaction of regulatory requirements, Mackay Marine ensures your vessels always stay connected.

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